A court order that makes certain acts illegal. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein financial glossary

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injunction in‧junc‧tion [ɪnˈdʒʌŋkʆn] noun [countable] LAW
an court order, usually stating that someone must not do something. Sometimes an injunction orders someone to do something:
injunction against

• A state judge issued an injunction against implementing the new system.

• They may seek an injunction barring the company from allowing future service deterioration.

ˌinterim inˈjunction , preˌliminary inˈjunction LAW
an injunction made by a court that prevents someone from doing something until there is a full trial to solve the disagreement:

• Kraft was awarded a preliminary injunction against Friendship Dairies Inc. over sour cream packaging that Kraft claimed copied its own package designs.

interlocutory injunction [ɪnʒʌˌlɒkjtəri ɪnˈdɜɑŋkʆn ǁ -təˌlɑːkjtɔːri-]
LAW an injunction made during the course of a trial, that lasts only until the end of the trial
ˌmandatory inˈjunction LAW
an injunction stating that someone must do something
ˌpermanent inˈjunction LAW
an injunction where a court gives a final decision on a disagreement, rather than an interim injunction:

• A federal judge issued a permanent injunction barring Wilkinson Sword from making the claim in its ads.

reˌstrictive inˈjunction LAW
an injunction stating that someone must not do something

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injunction UK US /ɪnˈdʒʌŋkʃən/ noun [C] LAW
an official order to do or not do something, which is given by a court of law: ask for/seek/request an injunction »

The board is seeking an injunction against the hostile takeover.

grant/issue an injunction »

Last week the judge issued an injunction blocking a 25-cent boost in subway and bus fares.


to get/obtain/win an injunction

lift/withdraw/refuse an injunction »

Unless the temporary injunction is lifted, the service will have to shut down pending a full court case.

See also INTERIM INJUNCTION(Cf. ↑interim injunction), INTERLOCUTORY INJUNCTION(Cf. ↑interlocutory injunction), MANDATORY INJUNCTION(Cf. ↑mandatory injunction), PERMANENT INJUNCTION(Cf. ↑permanent injunction), PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION(Cf. ↑preliminary injunction), RESTRICTIVE INJUNCTION(Cf. ↑restrictive injunction)

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